Teuk Chhar Temple

Next to Preah Theat Teuk Chhar temples is a canal dug during ancient times. Water fills the canal year round, and the water is very clear and free-flowing, making it popular with tourists who enjoy bathing in it. At one time, there were many trees and plants along both sides of the canal, but they were removed to make a big plain, where the water flows alongside the main temple.

Today, the ancient pond designed by Leaksintra is a vast source of water that is contained by a dam built several years ago. The water that fills the canal flows south from Kampong Cham province, pass the temple and into the big slit, which for many years has been full of water that irrigates the rice fields of nearby villages such as Kroch village in Prey Chhar district.

Because the canal is old, the Ministry of Agriculture has built a dam to store water to supply thousands of hectares of rice fields in Prey Chhar district, Kampong Cham province and Baray district in Kampong Thom province. The surface of Teuk Chha is 3 square kilometers. The water

that fills it comes from about ten sources in the mountainous northeast and the plateau region, which is called Kbal Teuk. This basin has an average depth of 2 meters. The water flows through three channels. Any two of the channels can be closed at one time, allowing the water to flow into the

third channel and into the dam. The first channel is opened every day, and the rapidly flowing water sounds much like a waterfall, attracting many tourists. The second channel is opened only occasionally during festival days; therefore the water flow is not very strong. Water from the north channel flows only during the rainy season, because during the dry season, the water level is lower than the dam.

Because the canal of Teuk Chhar is angled like a carpenter’s tool, people can swim there. Since the water is clear, visitors can watch schools of small fish swimming in opposite direction of the water flow. In addition, the trees that line the canal bank hold many birds and provide shade and shelter

to visitors. The cool climate along with the water and big trees that surround the ancient temple make this site popular with tourists and locals, who enjoy spending their holidays there. Thus, this place is very well known.

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