Kep Thmey

Kep Thmey, Kampot is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in Kampot. The Kep Thmey, Kampot is one of the popular wildlife parks in Kampot. Get to know more about Kep Thmey, Kampot through Kampot Travel Guide. Kep Thmey in Kampot is a natural wildlife reserve. It is situated in Kep Thmey Village in Beoungtouk Commune in Kampot District in Kampot. The Kep Thmey, Kampot is located 8 kilometers from the Provincial Town of Kampot. The other wildlife parks in and around Kampot are Phnom Chhnok, Phnom Seda Orn and the Phnom Daung.

The Phnom Chhnok is nestled in Bos Trobek Village in Trorpeang Pring Commune in Kampot District. The Phnom Daung is located in Beoung Tapream Village in Treuy Koh Commune. While the Phnom Seda Orn is nestled in Ang Kor Village.Kep Thmey, Kampot is home to a large population of animals and birds. Here you can catch the wild animals in their natural habitats. The park is a haven to different kinds of animals like tigers, gibbons and birds like Chestnut headed Patridges, Orangeheaded Thrush and Plu Pitta. It is covered with various species of trees and plants.

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