Phnom K’Chnor

Pre-Angkorian ruin set in a limestone cave amongst stalagmites and stalactites that are slowly growing into the ruin. Small 4th-5th century AD brick structure associated with the ancient state of Funan. A bit of carving is still visible.When you go for sightseeing in Kampot a must visit spot is Phnom K’Chnor, Kampot. The Phnom K’Chnor, Kampot is nothing but a cave containing ruins which would give you an idea about the historical heritage of Kampot.

Phnom K’Chnor, Kampot is a place where you can take your own car providedyou are very good in driving, but if you are not sure of driving then it is better that you take a trail bike. Always take the help of an expert guide before you set on a trip to Phnom K’Chnor, Kampot. In Phnom K’Chnor, Kampot you would find a shrine dating from pre-Angkorian dynasty and it dates back to the 4th century and it is set in a limestone cave up in a mountain. Those of you who are interested in going to Phnom K’Chnor in Kampot, they should take the road that leads to Kep from Kampot and after traveling for 8 kilometers you have to take the left turn. Then you can travel down a dirty road for 5 kilometers which intersects beautiful rural farmlands.

After sometime you would come across a railway line and after crossing the line you would find the way leading to the base of the mountain. Here you would find the shrine which is renowned as a healing center of Buddhist faith. The ruins that you would find at Phnom K’Chnor, Kampot are nothing but brick structures from the 4th and the 5th century AD and are evidences of the ancient state of Funan. There is no entrance fee for visiting the Phnom K’Chnor, Kampot. Thus here you might find people involved in some sort of ceremony at any time.

It is advisable that you do not visit the Phnom K’Chnor, Kampot during monsoon because the road is quite treacherous at this time Kampot Province has its rich agricultural land for the farming such as peper farm, rubber plantation, especially the wellknown through the kingdom of Cambodi, Kingdom of Wonder!, of its durian plantation. Beside, local people ever known this province is the very good place making the tasty fish sauce and salt…

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