Tekchhou Resort

The Tekchhou Resort in Kampot is a popular picnic place close to the town. The Tekchhou Resort in Kampot is set on the Prek Chha River and visitors come for the beautiful rapids. This resort in Kampot is famous among the local people on weekends you will find the Tekcchou Resort in Kampot very crowded. People in the nearby regions enjoy spending their weekends here.

Teuk Chhu is located in Snomprampi village, Makprang commune, Kampot district, about 8 kilometers north of Kampot provincial town. Its main attraction is a stream that flows from Phnom Damrei via Phnom Kamchay. The cool, clear water flows over large rocks year round. This is a good place for swimming or bathing.

There are many kinds of decicious fruit available, including durian, mangosteen, rambutan, mak prang, pineapple, grape fruit, custard apple and coconut. Only the durian, however, is available year round. Not far from Teuk Chhu is a zoo and plantation organized by His Excellency Nhim Vanda. The zoo raises animals, while the plantation grows a variety of fruit trees, including durian, rambutan and other fruits.

There is a small zoo near the Tekcchou Resort in Kampot. Many animals and birds are kept here in enclosures. You can go with your family and friends and visit this zoo. Your kids will simply love watching animals at such a close distance.

Transportation in Kampot is also conveniently available. You will find several modes of transportation which will take you to the Tekcchou Resort in Kampot in no time. The roads leading to this resort are very good. You can take a car on rent and drive down to this place or hop onto various buses which ply to the Tekcchou Resort, Kampot.

This pleasant bathing spot is a major hit with locals. Waterfall enthusiasts should prepare themselves for a disappointment, however as these falls, 8km northwest of town, are really just a series of small rapids that don?t even move all that rapidly in the dry season. There is a proper waterfall 18km further up a dirt track from Teuk Chhou, but access is not straightforward, as the trail is pretty bad.

How to get Tekchhou Resort, Kampot

It is a picnic area on the Prek Chha River. It is popular with the locals, especially on weekends. It has lots of food/drink stalls. The cool rapids and river breeze are quite pleasant. 8km. It has good roads.

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