Economy of Kep

Beside the profitable fruit cropping such as durian, mango or coconut Kampot Pepper, which is also grown in Kep, has been renowned for decades as one of the best peppers in the world. This pepper has a very distinct flavour and smell, especially when its fresh harvested.

It develops an enthralling aroma, strong, delicate and aromatic. Therefore it is famous in the world and exported to many countries. Kep also tries more and more to focus on the tourist sector, as there is quite a lot of interest by local people and by foreigners, who still can discover Kep and it?s rural countryside as a very natural, remote and docile place being situated on the beautiful costal line of Cambodia., provincial government data), with 20,130 male and 20,150 female. The population density is therefore 119 people per square kilometre.

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