Koh Kong Krov Weach

One of the most interesting places in and around the province of Koh Kong is the Koh Kong Krov Weach, Koh Kong. The travelers coming in from different parts of the world make it a point to visit the Koh Kong Krov Weach, Koh Kong to spend some fun-filled time with their kids as well as with all of their near and dear ones. The Koh Kong Krov Weach is not located in centre of the provincial town as it spans over a wide area. Since the Koh Kong Krov Weach in Koh Kong is a recreational area therefore all the travelers whether young or old like to spend their time here and take back home some treasured memories of the same.

The Koh Kong Krov Weach, Koh Kong is located at a distance of about thirty-five kilometers from the provincial town. But the journey takes approximately three hours and fifteen minutes since the road goes in a round about way owing to the terrain of the region. The Koh Kong Krov Weach in the Koh Kapie Commune of the Koh Kong District comprises of parks and beaches where everyone can have a great time. The sprawling parks and the sandy beach are the perfect places for you to spend some quality time amidst fun and laughter.

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