Phnom Sopor Kaley

The Phnom Sopor Kaley, Kratie is one of the top tourist attractions in Kratie. The Phnom Sopor Kaley, Kratie is a huge draw for the international travelers. The Phnom Sopor Kaley in Kratie is a renowned historical site of Cambodia housing many famous buildings. The historical buildings lodged inside the premises of the Phnom Sopor Kaley, Kratie are fully steeped in history. This makes the Phnom Sopor Kaley, Kratie a favorite haunt for the scholars and the students of history.

The Chrauy Banteay Village falls in the Chrau Ampil Commune of the Prey Prasap District. It takes only one hour to reach the Phnom Sopor Kaley, Kratie as this important historical site of Cambodia is situated only 30 kilometers away from the provincial town of Kratie. The idyllic location of the Phnom Sopor Kaley, Kratie at the foothills of the Sopor Kaley Mountain gives it an added advantage over the other tourist attractions in Kratie.

At the top of this mountain there is an ancient pagoda, which has a height of 100 meters. A laterite road leads visitors to the top of the Sopor Kaley Mountain. The visitors have to climb 800 concrete built steps to reach this ancient pagoda. From the top of the Sopor Kaley Mountain the tourists can enjoy the breathtaking views of the farmland and the rural areas of Kratie, which lies adjacent to the spectacular Mekong River.

A legend revolves around the Sopor Kaley Mountain. There is a popular belief that this mountain received its name from a crocodile, which was called Sopor Kaley by the locals. Nen Thun, a famous fighter defeated and killed this crocodile in a fight. After it died it got transformed into a mountain, which is now known as the Sopor Kaley Mountain.

Is a historical and cultural tourist spot located at Chambak commune, Prek Prasab district, Kratie province, along west side of the Mekong River, 45km to the south of the provincial Town. Visitors can go to the foot of the mountain through a laterited road about 800 meters from the main road, then continue climbing through 800 concrete steps up to the top of mountain where an ancient pagoda is 100 meter high. Tourists can enjoy the views of rural and farm areas and the Mekong River. According to a legend, Sambor Kaley Mountain took the name after crocodile Sambor Kaley, who was defeated by Nen Thun. When it died, it turned to be the mountain called Sambor kaley.

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