Phnom Penh Night Market

Phnom Penh’s new Night Market on the riverfront is aimed squarely at visitors and tourists, offering a wide and varied selection of Cambodian handicrafts silks, art, curios and souvenirs. Currently the Night Market opens only on the weekends, starting up at about 5:00PM and runs until at least 9:00 or 10:00PM. Located in the park between Street 106 and 108 on the riverfront. Stop in as you stroll up the riverfront.

About Phnom Penh Night Market

“The atmosphere offers a much more relaxing retail experience than a typical local market. With a festive vibe and items to please young and old, foreigner and local, the night market appears to be a promising addition to the city’s shopping scene. And the fact that most of the goods on offer are locally made rather than imported is a definite plus.

Good quality, local products that are made using traditional methods are the perfect fit for a Cambodian market…” – Asia Life

Night Marketing Opening Hours :

5pm to midnight, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Getting to Phnom Penh Night Market :

Address : Preah Mohaksat Treiyani Kossamak

0.6 km from Wat Phnom

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