Russian Market, Phnom Penh

Russian Market is in our itinerary, although it is very hot in the market, but it worth a visit when you are searhing and hunting for some souvenirs to bring home. Many things and any things, some are imported craft I think. The sellers are always friendly to sale what they have. Be ready to bargain for a good price if you really like the products or you may return a good smile if the price is far too high. In Cambodia, when business with tourists, traders are always smart to quote in USD instead of their currency.

Russian Market (Psah Toul Tom Poung)

This market became the foreigner’s market during the 1980’s when most of the foreigners in Cambodia were Russians, hence the name ‘Russian Market.’ It is of far less architectural interest than the Central Market but has a larger, more varied selection of souvenirs, curios and silks. Like the Central Market, there are several jewelers and gold-sellers, but it also carries huge selection of curios, silks and carvings, it is one of the best markets in town to buy fabric.

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