Eisey Patamak Mountain

Phnom Eysei Patamak, which is also known as Phnom Svay,is about 2 kilometers west of Ban Loung provincial town. At the foot of the mountain is Wat Isana Rattanaram, where villagers living in Ban Loung come to worship. On the top of the mountain there is a large statue of the reclining Buddha reaching nirvana. It was built in 1994. The top of the mountain affords visitors a picturesque view of Ban Loung provincial town. The temperature at the top can be cool, however, even during the hot, dry season.

The Eisey Patamak Mountain, Ratanakiri is one of the popular Tourist Attractions in Ratanakiri, a small province in northeast Cambodia. The Eisey Patamak Mountain, Ratanakiri is where the famous Wat Rah-Tahn-Ah-Rahm (Reclining Buddha), is located. This is an ancient statue of the Lord Buddha in a laid back posture, to have withstood the ravages of time. The Eisey Patamak Mountain in Ratanakiri is also known as the Phnom Svay. This statue has lain undisturbed down the years.

The Eisey Patamak Mountain, Ratanakiri is the favorite haunt for the lovers of adventure sports as well as trekkers. The hilly terrain of the topography is bound to impress you. The place is one where you can pitch tents and stay overnight. As you cast your eye down to glance at Laos in the north and Vietnam in the east, you can enjoy the mesmerizing tranquility of the adjacent countryside.

Phnom Svay and the Reclining Buddha Wat Rahtanharahm (‘Wat Aran’) sits at the base of Eisey Patamak Mountain about 1 km east of town. Follow the road past the wat and up the mountain. Just below the crest a large reclining Buddha sits amongst a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.

Full day visit at Ratanakiri Province which includes Phnom Eisey Patamak, at the top of Phnom Svay is the statue of a reclining Buddha, situated 2.5 km. Awesome and peaceful, it has lain undisturbed throughout the years. Have a glimpse at Laos in the north and Vietnam in the east and enjoy the spellbinding serenity of the surrounding countryside. Visit Kreng Ethic villa, strange grave of Tompoun ethic; Kachang Water fall (Kachang Waterfall is situated 6km north west of Banlung). This Waterfall is located in the Kontung stream and flows into the Sre Pok river. The height of it is 12 m. There you can see a magnificent landscape and huge amounts of fresh mist surrounded the waterfall.

The visitors can swim and sit to look at the waterfall and other natural scenic beauties either the visitors can also go around to view other natural sights on foot or take an elephants to ride); Katieng Waterfall is situated 7 km north – west of Banlung. It is also located in the Koutung Stream, 3 kms below the Kachang Waterfall. The height of it is 10m. The visitors can see a beautiful natural landscape and take a break to take pictures of the birds or take a photo to the waterfall. Back to hotel. Overnight in Ratanak Kiri.

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