Veal Rum Plan (stone field)

Veal Rum Plan (stone field), Ratanakiri is a popular sightseeing destination in the vibrant province. Ratanakiri province is located in northeastern Cambodia. The word Ratanakiri is derived from the 2 Sanskrit words – Ratna which stands for gems and Giri which stands for mountains. The capital of the Ratanakiri province is Banlung. Countless tourists visit this place each year to experience the ecotourism, lush wildlife and remote tribal villages. The province is divided into 9 districts. You should visit the Veal Rum Plan (stone field), Ratanakiri for a memorable experience.

Veal Rum Plan (stone field) in Ratanakiri is located 14 kilometers north of the provincial capital, Banlung. You will find stones covering the entire surface of this place. Dense stone outgrowths are also found around this place. This place has an exotic appeal which seldom fails to fascinate the travelers. Veal Rum Plan (stone field) is a bizarre open space in the forest, covered almost entirely by stone. This area represents a circular area of flat stone. Instances are found that depict this place to be the remains of a cooled lava flow. In Khmer it is known as Veal Rum Plan and in English, Field of Stone.

There are legends associated with the Veal Rum Plan (stone field), Ratanakiri. According to one of the legends, Veal Rum was a young boy who underwent a tragic accident here. While trying to retrieve his kite he fell from a tree on a black volcanic rock. It is believed that his spirit lives on, offering a protective blanket to the plateau and the surrounding trees.

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