Dang Tung

Dang Tung, Battambang is frequently accessed by leisure tourists touring the second largest city and the capital of the Battambang Province. Locally known as Phratabong, the city of Battambang is an elegant riverside town which dates back to the 11th Century. Home to few of the best preserved colonial architecture of Cambodia, the city of Battambang is also famous for its large density of natural wonders including the Dang Tung, Battambang.

How to get to Dang Tung

The Dang Tung is one of the popular tourist attractions in Battambang. Located approximately 54 kilometers from the provincial town, the tourists can simply avail public transportation to cover the 3 hour journey to Dang Tung in Battambang.

The Dang Tung, Battambang is very popular mainly among the nature lovers as it is one of the natural wildlife preserves which is a scenic delight, impressing the tourists venturing down to its premier location at Danng Tung Village at Rattanakmundul District.

Tourists must remember that the summer at Battambang is very hot therefore one must plan a holiday during the winter season when the province experiences a more subtle and cooler climatic condition. One can avail one of the tour packages which include Dang Tung, Battambang in the day itinerary and offer a more hassle-free trip to the natural paradise called Dang Tung.

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