Pich Chenda Waterfall

Pich Chenda, Battambang is one of the premier destinations in Cambodia which is included in the itinerary of the tourists and sightseers arriving in the country. Pich Chenda, Battambang is one of the natural tourism sites of the city which is also recognized as the second largest city of the country. Battambang being the second largest city of Cambodia attracts a large section of leisure tourists. Housing large number of historic architectural marvels, the city of Battambang also comprises of scenic natural wonders which dot the cityscape.

One of the popular tourist attractions in Battambang is Pich Chenda. Most of the tourists like to visit this premier destination which lies along most of the other tourism sites like Sek Sak and Dang Tung. The Pich Chenda in Battambang is located along the Rattanakmundul District and one can reach via road transportation from the heart of the Cambodian city. Most of the tourist avail tour packages especially during the winter or the autumn season. At this time of the year the weather is milder and cooler making traveling a pleasurable experience for the tourists and family vacationers.

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