Where to eat in Battambang

Good Khmer Restaurants, Across the street from the Angkor Hotel and near Road 2 are a few good Khmer restaurants. The doublewide one in the middle is usually packed and has the best food. The other restaurants aren’t bad either. All have very reasonable prices.

Restaurants over the Lions Bridge:

There are also a couple of good Khmer restaurants across the Lions Bridge near the statue circle on the right. The first one you come to is the Sub-I-na. It’s simple place with good Khmer and Chinese food. Better yet is the Sopheak Mongkul just beyond the Sub-I-na. The owner is a very friendly Khmer lady that speaks English and likes to chat while her staff is tending to you. Good food, and the owner will custom-make dishes for you if they’re not on the menu.

Wat Leap Restaurant:

On the winding river road heading north – the part that comes away from the river for a few blocks. It’s close to the temple of the same name. Khmer and Chinese food with English speaking staff that are very friendly and attentive.

If you are dining alone the lady that manages the place figures that you are not happy so she has a waitress or two sit down to chat with you. The food is good. There are also karaoke rooms in the back end, but the noise does not seem to travel into the restaurant.

Teo Hotel:

They have the top restaurant in town, featuring good Western, Khmer and Chinese fare at reasonable prices. If you are craving Western food, this is the spot for you Cold Night Restaurant (Teo’s) This place has the best Western food in town and also good Asian food in a nice relaxed setting it’s popular with ex-pat workers living in Battambang. It’s located on East River Road 2 and is next to the hotel.

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