Where to eat in Kampong Cham province

Apsara Restaurant: Near the Kampong Cham Market. They serve a good breakfast and continue throughout the day. They have some western food and an English menu.

Kimstrun Guesthouse & Restaurant: The guesthouse has a small rice dish and noodle soup restaurant.

Hoa An Restaurant: This place is popular with locals and the Kampong Cham NGO crowd. It looks like a two-story hotel and has some a/c rooms for private dinners, in addition to the main eating area. Good Chinese and Khmer food along with the usual beer girls.

Phnom Prosh Hotel & Restaurant: This newer hotel also has a restaurant. Good Chinese, Khmer and a bit of western food.

Two Dragons Restaurant: Located in the centre of the city, this restaurant has a menu in English and a range of good Khmer food (some international dishes).

Boeng Kan Seng Restaurant: Located in the West of the town on the lakeside this peaceful restaurant offers more than 100 Khmer and Chinese dishes. There are also small food and drink stands along the River Parkway.

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