Waterfall of Cham Pey

Waterfall Of Cham Pey is the natural resort locating at 35-kilometer distance from the provincial town along the road No 68. The resort consists of waterfall at the mountain valley, big rock having 500-square meter size, mountain full of trees and a lot of orchids and other colorfull varied flowers. At 500-meter distance from the waterfall, there is another natural and cultural resort, which has been arranged and organized by monks who make their meditation there. This resort named Rut Cham Pey having many varied statues depicting the process of human life-born and died and other religion and animal figures.

In addition, there are many other natural and historical resorts, which have been putting in the projects for development by the Provincial Tourist Office such as: – The area of Tonle Sar – The area of Ang Ou Ang Krang – The area of Pra Sat Seung – The area of Ang Tropeang Baray – The area of Pra Sat Pursat – The area of Cham Kar Kuy – The area of Beung Snour – The area of Tum Nup Thmey – The area of Tuol Kruos (Killing field and prison of Khmer Rouge).

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