Memang Gold Mines Area

One of the popular tourist attractions in Mondulkiri, the Memang Gold Mines Area, Mondulkiri is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. The place is known for its beautiful scenic beauties. Memang Gold Mines Area, Mondulkiri is also a popular spot for excursions.

The Memang Gold Mines Area in Mondulkiri is around 45 kms from the main town center of Senmonorom and takes around 3 hours by car. The journey is beautiful and the trip takes place through winding tracks and sprawling forests. Memang Gold Mines Area, Mondulkiri is a wildlife reserve and is home to wide variety of flora and fauna. The reserve is located in O’Clor Village.

Memang Gold Mines Area is also a well known spot for excursions. Lots of adventure lovers and nature lovers undertake excursion trips to the wild life reserve. Elephant trekking tours can also be undertaken to the place. The forest in Memang Gold Mines Area, Mondulkiri consists of diverse species of local plants and animals. There are also provisions for camping in the place.Travelers can get useful information on the Memang Gold Mines Area from the local tourist office or various travel agents. There are single day tours as well as half day tours.

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