Linna Culinary School

Later she has opened a cooking school in Phnom Penh at 2010. Currently, while she teaches foreign cuisine to the Khmer people, she opened a Khmer cooking class for foreign people because she wanted lots of people to know the food culture of Cambodia. She has published two full-fledged recipe books written in Khmer language. These can be found in major bookstores in Phnom Penh.

What Linna Culinary School Do?

In our school, Western cuisine and Khmer, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thailand, Vietnamese food, with the training of Cambodian students.

Our school has been training Khmer traditional food for foreign people. I hope everyone is inspired and become familiar with Khmer food. We are training people to cook for companies or individuals. And, international standards of food hygiene.

Khmer cooking class for foreigners.

A skilled instructor in the Khmer dish does and the lesson does you kindly and politely. Come and enjoy learning how to make a khmer food at home for you and your friends.

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