Norng Kabat Forest

This place has a pond. the visitors can go there to see the animals and birds which comes to at the pond .Beside this the tourists can go visit the ethnic villages, ethnic culture (tradition belief, festival, dancing, music).

The Norng Kabat Forest, Ratanakiri is one of the splendid tourist attractions in Ratanakiri, which attracts tens of thousands of travelers throughout the year. The Norng Kabat Forest, Ratanakiri is located about 23 kilometers to the north of Banlung in Ratanakiri. The Norng Kabat Forest in Ratanakiri houses a beautiful pond, which is frequented by many birds and animals. Visitors who come to the Ratanakiri Norng Kabat Forest can also enjoy the wonderful opportunity of watching the beautiful animals and birds that frequent the pond.

The Norng Kabat Forest, Ratanakiri has become the popular destination of the bird watchers. Animal lovers also throng the Norng Kabat Forest, Ratanakiri. The foreign travelers can find many renowned tourist destinations in the vicinity of the Norng Kabat Forest, Ratanakiri. The Norng Kabat Forest, Ratanakiri also offers the international travelers the unique opportunity of visiting the ethnic villages of the town. A visit to the ethnic villages of Ratanakiri will acquaint tourists with the culture and custom of the local people.

The ethnic villages of Ratanakiri experience an influx of local as foreign tourists. By undertaking a tour of these ethnic villages the international tourists can get a clear understanding of the traditions and beliefs practiced by the indigenous people. You can also know about the festivals celebrated by the ethnic people by traveling these ethnic villages. The traditional dance and music performances of the ethnic villagers are a major draw for the international visitors.

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