Ou Chaloy Ratanakiri

Ou’Chaloy is located in the Sre Pok river It is situated 34km. south – west of Banlung. The tourist recreation in Ou’Chaloy is only during the dry season.Ou?Chaloy, Ratanakiri is a popular tourist attraction in this colorful region of Cambodia. The province of Ratanakiri lies in northeastern Cambodia. It is a picturesque destination that abounds with tourist attractions. Innumerable travelers visit this place every year, drawn by the remote tribal villages, lush wildlife and ecotourism. The name of the province is a combination of the 2 Sanskrit words Ratna or gems and Giri meaning mountains. Most of the people here are ethnic minorities and the major occupation here is farming. It is no wonder that farming and tourism are the 2 major industries of the beautiful province. Backpackers come here all throughout the year. If you are interested in an extensive tour of this place, you should check out the Ou?Chaloy, Ratanakiri.

Ou Chaloy is one of the popular tourist attractions in Ratanakiri. Ou Chaloy, Ratanakiri is located on the Sre Pok River. This river is a major tributary of Mekong. It runs through the province to meet the Mekong River near Stung Treng town. Of the 440 kilometers length of the river, 281 kilometers is in Cambodian territory. It was a crucial water course before the development of infrastructure in this region. Ou Chaloy in Ratanakiri is located on this river, 34 kilometers southwest of Banlung, the provincial capital. To enjoy the recreation options for tourists here, you have to visit the Ou Chaloy, Ratanakiri during the dry season. Include the destination in your itinerary for a satisfactory tour of the colorful Ratanakiri.

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