Chhrouy Chek

Chhrouy Chek is a name of the place that was built for stocking water to irrigate the rice fields. Its beautiful flora and water sources have made it a popular location for Kampong Cham dwellers to visit, especiallly on weekends and holidays. Young people in particular enjoy swimming there. The site is about 15 kilometers from the provincial town, north of Kampong Seim District.

The road is good, and there are lots of food stands along the way. Some food can be served with no waiting. There are also floating houses that can be rented for 2,000Riel (USD0.50), where visitors can sit and relax. Boats are also available to rent.Chhrouy Chek dam was built from 1975 to 1978, during the Khmer Rouge regime, for the purpose of storing water to grow rice during the dry season. Many Cambodians died while building this dam, and others were killed by the Khmer Rouge. The place where they died is called Prey Tranoab.

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