Ou Sensranoh Waterfall

Ou Sensranoh Waterfall is situated 9 km. south of Banlung. The height of it is 18m. and the water flows and falls all the time. The visitors can go there rest and enjoy the fresh air, or to se the forest and listen to the birds ‘ cries.Ou?Sensranoh Waterfall, Ratanakiri is one of the popular waterfalls of this colorful province. The province of Ratanakiri is located in Northeastern Cambodia. Banlung is the capital of the province. The word Ratanakiri means a mountain of gems and is derived from the 2 Sanskrit words Ratna and Giri. Ecotourism in Ratanakiri draws numerous visitors each year. Nature enthusiasts throng this place to experience the lush wildlife and remote tribal villages. There are countless tourist attractions in Ratanakiri including mountains, mines, natural landscapes and waterfalls. There are numerous waterfalls present in this area. Ou Sensranoh Waterfall, Ratanakiri is one of the most visited waterfalls of this region.

Ou Sensranoh Waterfall in Ratanakiri is located 9 kilometers south of Banlung, the provincial capital. Ou?Sensranoh Waterfall is 18 meters high and is a wonderful sight for the sore eyes. Here you will find water flowing and falling all throughout the year. So you can visit this place whenever you are on a visit to the beautiful Cambodian province of Ratanakiri. Rest on the banks of the falls to enjoy the fresh air and clean ambiance. There is also a dense forest surrounding the falls. Explore the forest looking for fascinating species of plant and animal life.Ou Sensranoh Waterfall, Ratanakiri offers you a beautiful scenic spot to rest and relax. The natural surroundings of the falls also attract a large number of exotic birds. You can spend some time bird watching here. Among all the waterfalls in the region, the Ou?Sensranoh Waterfall, Ratanakiri ranks among the most popular ones. Visit this place for a refreshing experience during your tour of the colorful province.

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