Bamboo Island

Relaxing on the beach is not the only thing to do at Bamboo island by any means. For swimmers, or even non-swimmers, the pristine crystal clear water is warm and shallow near the soft sand beaches of Bamboo island, perfect for swimming, or just playing in the water. There are footpaths running throughout the island, so you can explore the jungle covered interior. There is a volleyball net on the beach, and there is no better place for beach volleyball than Bamboo island.

Experienced snorkelers say that the snorkeling at Bamboo island is as good as anywhere in the world. Snorkeling gear is available for rental at the island, and snorkeling tours to the best spots are offered by the Bamboo Island Ferry.

The Bamboo Island ferry departs Coasters on Ochheuteal beach at about 10 am. Be sure to come to Coasters early, because breakfast is included with the ferry service. It leaves Bamboo island for the return trip around 4 pm. You can come to Bamboo island as a day trip, or you can stay the night.

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